Print Spiral Matrix Python

Hello Everyone, today’s algorithm is the unintuitive “Print Spiral Matrix”. My friend got asked this question from Squarespace two years ago and I finally decided to tackle it. I failed, but shout out to the internet for eventually giving me the answer. Personally, I’d rate this a LeetCode medium-hard. It’s also a question on Pramp….

Climbing Stairs | Python | Leetcode

  Hey everyone. I’d like to share a pretty popular Dynamic Programming algorithm I came across recently solving LeetCode Explore problems. It’s super cool. The algorithm asks us, given n (which is the staircase number/step), how many ways can we reach it taking only one or two steps at a time? Here is the video…

Number Of Islands Tutorial (Python)

Hey everyone, glad to finally get this tutorial out to you all. I know I’ve been stating this for months now but I finally re-visited the question the other day and it was a lot less intimidating than when I had first seen the algorithm last year. I hope to simplify it for you all….

Interview Cake Review

Hey you all, I’ve been meaning to write a review about Interview Cake. Just to leave my feedback. I’ve solved/read through all of the 46 questions. There does not appear to be any unsponsored reviews from what I’ve researched, so here goes. Disclaimer: I am in no way being paid for this review and I…