My 1st Month as an Intern

Hey you all, good news!

I got an apprenticeship. A software engineering apprenticeship. Essentially, I get paid to learn 40 hours a week and be mentored. My apprenticeship is for several months too. So far it has been an absolutely amazing experience. All of my co-workers are so friendly and helpful.

In the last month and a half I’ve learned command line arguments, Dot Files, NodeJS, S.O.L.I.D principles, and Test Driven Development (Using Code Climate, ESLint, Unit testing). I’ve pair programmed with at least 15 of my fellow co-workers and shadowed them on their client projects.

Obviously, I’m super stoked to finally have an opportunity working with a real life dev team. I started my original job search May 2017. It’s been an on an off job hunt with lots of emotions. In fact, when I got my acceptance, I had stopped searching completely for a dev job and was studying to take my CompTia A+ exam, to work on someone’s Geek Squad.

Also, this company had rejected me the year before which was one of my most difficult rejections as I had made it to the final round. When I started my apprenticeship I did feel a bit bittersweet. It’s difficult to get used to being in a tech company environment after crying your eyes out for over a year. It was pretty surreal. I still feel like I don’t have advice to give to others who are currently in my former position. I can give some advice on how to crack an algorithm, but not how to get a job in tech.

My main goals going forward is to complete two full-stack JavaScript applications, finish LeetCode Explore Easy & Medium, and get my mental health in order. I’ve had 3 unfortunate injuries in the last month so I’m in a bit of a darker place as I’m writing this. Injury sucks.  I’ll admit more than ever that I really want to work for a company with some good health insurance, because good Physical Therapy is…EXPENSIVE. 


I also have some super dope posts/videos coming out soon. As you all may have noticed, I’ve been a bit more active. I’m trying.



Until Next Time!


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  1. nojobcoder says:

    Congrats on the apprenticeship! Can I ask how you got it? I’m still stuck on finding a job and I’m getting no responses!


    1. Colorful says:

      Thanks so much. I wish I could give some advice but I believe I just got lucky. The interview was non-technical and they just asked about my projects and experience. I had 3 rounds of interviews. I’d try r/cscareerquestions for some resume feedback. It’s good to have at least 2 full-stack projects on your resume if you do not have any work experience. Plenty of people have to apply to a few hundred positions over several months. It’s an unfortunate reality for some of us. Best of luck.


  2. Lance says:

    Congrats! I’m preparing for the LEAP interview this week. This job search has been tough…

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    1. Colorful says:

      Thanks a bunch! I feel you. It’s no fun at all.


  3. innocent madanhire says:

    God is great!


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