Udacity Front-end Nano-degree so far

Hey you all. So i’m reviewing Udacity front-end Nano-degree so far. At the time I am writing this i’m 63% through the JavaScript section, which is section 3 of the Nano-degree. I’m reviewing part way just to update you all, and if worse case scenario I don’t get to complete it. I know the deadline for me is March 16th, which is about 2 weeks from now. I’ve actually had this scholarship for the Nano-degree since 10 months ago. I wish I would have seen the value of it then but at the time I was overwhelmed with all the things I was studying and thought it’d be no different than any other front-end course like FreeCodeCamp.

Anyways, so far, I love it.

I already knew some HTML, CSS and JavaScript but this course has so far taught me so much more than that. Plus, it’s been an awesome refresher. I’m not just learning a programming language, I’m learning how the web works and why using certain techniques are beneficial for my projects. I like how i’m learning how to better use the inspector, I feel like i’m in an actual bootcamp. If you’re reading this and thinking of going to a bootcamp, I suggest you try the Udacity Full-stack/Front-end Nano-degree first for at least 3 months. It’s not that much of a difference, especially if you are considering an online boot-camp. This course was co-created by Google, Github, HackReactor, AT&T and Udacity. It’s only 200 dollars a month. It’s so much more different than the courses I took on FCC and Codecademy. The videos explain so well and the course forces me to actually implement what I’ve learned after each lesson. I really like the responsive design and the grid system. What I’ve learned in those lessons alone I’ll take with me for every website I make here out. I wish I would have taken this course, or one like it, when I first started out. It’s broad enough about the web and teaches you what is important while exposing you to different technologies. I’m only on the easy part of the Nano-degree so far. I know the lessons will get much more complicated and I will learn even more interesting things. I’m very excited to get to the two JavaScript projects. I’ve always been curious about how JavaScript works with HTML and CSS. My main goal is to reach the Optimization project but i’m not sure if that’s realistic in 6 weeks.

New things I’ve learned: CSS grid,  media queries, images on responsive pages, using inspector to test on different devices, using icons,  JavaScript Objects & terminology, JavaScript logic is similar to Python, etc.

*Stay tuned for part 2, Google Prep update, Interview Cake review and the Android basics Nano-degree review.


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