Stack of Plates ~ Cracking the Code (Python)

Hello everyone, today I am showing you a Stack question out of Cracking the Coding Interview. The question is 3.3 in the Stacks and Queues chapter. I discovered this implementation on-line and commented it for better understanding. The video below is also an explanation of the process.

The stack of plates question basically asks that, given a capacity, we stack plates up to that capacity. Once we’ve reached the capacity, we create a new stack and build up.





My video is below, but if you still can not understand. I recommend you use PYTHON TUTOR . It is amazing. Just place the code in the visualizer with an argument and you’ll see every step.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Gaurav says:

    at the function popAt, shouldn’t the comparison(2nd if statement) have index rather than index – 1


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