Coding Challenge (Round 2)

So I have “solved”(attempted) 90/91 algorithms since I began this journey a few weeks ago.

Here is the youtube video that expands on/compliments this blog post. At the time of the video I only solved 85. At the time of writing this post, I am at 91.

20 CodeWars (7 kyu)

10 Interview Cake

5 LeetCode

5 Firecode

8 Cracking the Coding Interview

3 Independent (Lucky Number, Happy Number, Return index)

Currently I am implementing the core algorithms 5x each to better understand them and recognize them in problems. Also the Linked List Chapter that I finished in CTCI kicked my butt.

For round 3 I am doing implementations, 10 blog posts of former algorithms I have solved that I need to better understand, 3 and 9 codewars to get to 100 (my original goal). I’m now aiming for 200 algorithms. After that I’m applying my butt off to jobs. Okay Deuces!









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