H.O.P.E Conference Recap


So I went to the hope conference over the weekend, *applause*, and it was absolutely amazing. I met an artist that combined his photography skills with code that transformed the pictures he captured of people on the street into something that seemed very much unreal. One thing I did wish they had though was a computer hack section (like the lock picking and hardware sections) that went over basic computer hacks a day. That was what I was hoping to get involved in. I also attended a talk on accessibility in which a blind man discussed the complications handicap people have with receiving tools that make learning and daily life easier. Simple tools such as translating text into braille or typing braille into text can cost several thousand dollars. He discussed recent apps that are much cheaper than these technologies that have changed his life. One particular app could tell him whether where he was had light,so that when he turned his other app on, the app could read a page in a book to him. This is why it is important for more people to be aware of accessibility issues. He mentioned how a week previously he had gotten into an altercation with Chris Hayden (some security expert?) who refused to send him text versions of his power point slides because of copyright issues. Without the text he was not able to study the material and benefit from the workshop he attended. What I took from this conference is that many more people need to understand the importance of making handicap individuals feel welcomed and a part of everything. When a brilliant new gadget/ technology/whatever comes out, not only able people should enjoy its’ benefits.

So yea, that was my most memorable talk of the first two days at the conference. The other talk I remember was about locks being picked in the movies versus reality.


That weekend I picked many locks, three actually.

The whole ordeal was very exciting. I am so excited that I got the opportunity to attend…especially for free. So there you have it! Peace.

P.S. – I rode one of those mall cop thingys. It was fun.

*  Also note that a lot of people dressed cool looking, especially the women had a Gothic look.

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