Completed Codecademy Python


So two days ago I completed the entire Codecademy Python track. It feels good to have made it over the finish line. Now I have only to complete the final project involving a Markov chain of the sort. I’m still not exactly certain about how I will tackle this final project, but I will in the next coming days. In the mean time however, I am going through the Codecademy Git track because I need to learn about Git/Github so that I can finally put all of my projects online. I plan to review all of my projects that I built on the codecademy platform and write them all from scratch multiple times while reading my steps out loud so that the Python way of thinking real sticks in my head. I built so many awesome projects but I feel that if I never had the hints and instructions in my sidebar, I would not be able to construct them again. I only have about 9 more days with Codecademy pro so I also hope to make it through the HTML&CSS course before my time runs out.

It’s amazing how three weeks ago I had planned to complete all of these so much sooner but I was being a little too idealistic. I have to be realistic when it comes to my goals in terms of becoming a better programmer. It takes a lot of hours and motivation to succeed. I also really want to take Harvard’s CS50 course now too after my CS101 course with Udacity. I read a Reddit comment yesterday that pertaining to the level of quality between these two courses. The word on the Web is that CS50 is by far the most superior introductory Computer Science course. I had also read a while ago that these two courses do supplement each other in different ways, so I might as well take both. Another amazing mention noted that because CS50 uses C, one is able to better visualize how the computer is interacting with it’s instructions. C is said to be the closest to computer language if i’m not mistaken. And although I have no intention as of now to be a C programmer, I very much want to “Think” like a computer, and understand the science better.

Other than that I have gone to a few meetups in regards to natural and computer languages. I did a Ruby workshop last weekend that was about eight hours long at App Academy.  Honestly, I had no idea how close Python and Ruby were. I barely had to study the syntax before I was already zipping through the coding challenges.

Also I find myself looking very hard for coding spaces in my area. Even though I am great at keeping myself motivated, coding in the corner of my room or even at the library alone would be so much easier if I had a coding buddy, or someone else to socialize with. Is this really life after college? Todos de mis amigos son lejos. Es molesto. It is much more exciting being in a stimulating environment where other people are on a similar journey as you. I love learning…but I also love to take breaks and socialize too. Ugh…summer problems.

So yea that’s all for now. TTYL.

P.S – Contemplating a bootcamp. Hmm…



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