Codecademy Pro. is. Awesome.

WARNING:  I am rereading this a day later and realize I sound like a child hype on sugar. Raw emotions down below. Proceed.

So about four days ago I paid for Codecademy pro after reading somewhere about their final projects. Once I bought it, I loved it. I love building actually projects and understanding them. I also absolutely love the live advisers who answer my questions within a minute.  Codecademy pro is aweeesssommmeee, yet I can’t find any reviews about it besides like two Reddit posts. So far I have built a Madlibs,  Guess the number game, a dice simulator(Currently programming Rock, Paper, Scissors) . Now that I graduated I have all the time in the world to code. I am hoping to complete the SQL, Git, Javascript, HTML & CSS and of course Python paths on  Codecademy. Later on I will soon be getting to freecodecamp for even more projects, since I’m actually spending cash right now my main priority is completing these Codecademy paths. I’m also prioritizing my Udacity CS 101 simultaneously with Codecademy. Honestly, I am trying to complete all of these within the month because the next billing is apparently $19.99. So yea. Regular Codecademy is a good intro, but the projects take it to the next level. I’m amazed at how they have managed to pull this off. I feel like I have reinforced so much of my learning from Learn Python the Hard Way. Yo, like I’m so hype for the HTML & CSS. They have 14 projects I get to build. Awesome. Just awesome. I’m only on Day 4/5 so i’ll update if I feel the same say…a week from now.

A pic of one of my advisers below:

Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 7.30.50 PM

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