5 weeks of no internet

Hello everyone! Sorry I was gone for such a long time, I was in Cuba for five weeks and getting WiFi was a hassle. It cost $2-3 dollars to buy a WiFi card to use internet. While in Cuba I still managed to study code though. I re-read some of my old code and downloaded several pages of “inventwithpython” and read their code as well. So anyways I am back, and officially a university graduate! Today makes day three of life after college for me and I have honestly been taking it slow. The effects of graduation have not really hit me yet because I am so focused on pursuing my technical/language goals. My goals for today and the rest of the week is to go over LPTHW and finish the last 30% of codecademy. I really need to get my brain back into code mode. I also plan to do some code and math challenges everyday. So far my biggest obstacle is coding something of my own. I know I can write a small text based game but I need to read more code and other examples. By the end of July I hope to be able to build my own web-scraper. I also plan on finally starting Udacity’s  CS101 course in which we get to create a search engine. I’m honestly super excited for that.

So i’ll wrap up this update and get back to more technical subjects in my next post 🙂 Happy Summer!

p.s.- I also start learning Git next week!

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